Caseificio Consoli S.r.l.

Table cheese Locorotondo


Our cheese

Caseificio Consoli offers a wide choice of fresh and aged Locorotondo cheese, especially caciocavallo and semi-aged caciocavallo, a real delight, or in substitution the lean caciotta produced here in Locorotondo. You will find a wide selection of cacioricotta and ricotta forte that are identified as traditional agri-food products, to protect and enhance a dairy production that is far from the industrial one.
The processing
These cheese are obtained through a special preparation of cacio and ricotta. For the production of cacioricotta the Caseificio Consoli generally uses sheep's milk. It can be simply tasted fresh or it can be grated to enrich your first courses or for some special filling for the preparation of fresh pasta or panzerotti.
The other typical cheeses you can find are pecorino and pecorino with red wine.
Formaggi da tavola Locorotondo

The matches

To savor at the best a plate of cheese the thing to do is to combine them with a glass of red wine or a set of jams. Our cheese match easily with any type of wine but it is good to combine them with similar flavors: round with fat, acid with sour, savory with salty, full bodied with structured. The cheese of the Caseificio Consoli combine to perfection with honey and jams as they are sugar-free foods that find honey and jams their complementary food, creating a perfect harmony for your palates. A softer and sweeter cheese will combine with semi-acid jams and marmalade, as well as a aged cheese with a strong taste will get better with sweet jams.