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Handmade mozzarella Locorotondo



Milk taken daily, is worked with methods and techniques that have changed over time, but that always respect strict health standards. The only ingredients you will find in Locorotondo's artisan mozzarella are milk, salt and rennet.

Once the fresh milk raise to 36 degrees, we add rennet and salt, only when the expert eye of Master Martino decides, we begin to produce that curd that our 'dairy artists' still work strictly by hand.
Mozzarella Locorotondo

Our products

Dairy products, ricotta, cheeses, scamorza and many others, all different from each other, never the same art shapes, unique pieces for unique customers.

Among the Apulian dairy products offered by Caseificio Consoli, mozzarella certainly deserves a place of honor and is a true pleasure for the palate. Every day we produce fresh products ready to be tasted on your tables, such as nodini, fiordilatte, trecce, smoked mozzarella, ricotta, scamorza and smoked scamorza and fresh cheese.
" Tradition "
Progress and modernity always have their roots in tradition.
This is the story of an Apulian company that has made of tradition and quality the cornerstone around which to create one of the leading companies in the dairy industry.
Born more than thirty years ago, Caseificio Consoli has been able to improve and maintain over time the quality of its products and the efficiency of its distribution service.

Conservation and consumption of mozzarella

The mozzarella that is eaten within 48 hours of its making can be kept at room temperature to savor the organoleptic features of the product at its best.

However, if don’t eaten immediately, such as with any fresh food, it has to be preserve under refrigeration conditions, but to restore its optimal room temperature conditions, you have to extract it from the fridge at least two or three hours before consumption.