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Handmade yogurt Locorotondo


The recipe


Thanks to ancient techniques we have been able to duplicate the thick softness of yogurt. The patience of the several attempts, the slowness and the wait are the little secrets that have allowed us to combine the simple and delicate taste of the white yogurt with the properties and the pleasures of a creamy thickness.

From this innovative recipe they have born so many sweet and tasty delights painted with appetizing colors, our handmade yogurt of Locorotondo is a product that is born with precise features; its ingredients are milk and milk enzymes, there is no chemical or thickener additive and no cream or sugar added, the only sugars are contained in the fruit used and in the creams.
Tradition and innovation
The products of the tradition combine with the experimentation of new flavors such as yogurt, panna cotta, chocolate puddings and cream caramel.
They share the use of high quality raw materials and the craftsmanship of the workmanship. Our yogurt are submitted to a specific whey removal process (dripping process) that makes it dense and creamy in a natural way.
Yogurt artigianali Locorotondo

Our tastes

The full yogurt offer ranges from strawberry, to berry, ginger, apricot, peach, banana, coffee, lemon and cereal versions.

Our yogurt is ideal for a fresh and full of taste breakfast. We choose the best fruit juices to let you explore all the gradations of taste, the juicy sweetness of apricots, strawberries and berries with slightly bitter ginger taste.