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Caseificio Consoli Locorotondo


Fresh and aged cheese

Consoli, Caseificio in Locorotondo is specialized in the production of dairy products.

Cow's milk, various sizes of mozzarella, ricotta cheese, fresh cheese, burrata and stracciatella, fresh scamorza, smoked scamorza, various kinds of aged cheese including ricotta cheese, fresh and aged caciocavallo cheese, caciotta cheese, montebianco cheese, cheese and table stracchino and we also offer a wide assortment of goat cheese.
Our mozzarella, our fresh and aged cheese and all the other products are still handmade through an ancient process respecting the craftsmanship of a 32 year old workmanship.

In our cheese factory you will find a wide assortment of handmade yoghurts in different flavors, panna cotta, chocolate puddings and cream caramel.
We produce homemade mozzarella in accordance to old methodologies and techniques.

Caseificio Locorotondo
Yogurt Locorotondo
Handmade yogurt
The Caseificio Consoli produces a handmade yogurt that can be found in the following flavors: strawberry, berries, ginger, apricot, peach, banana, coffee, lemon and cereal.
Table cheese
We propose both aged and fresh cheeses, such as caciocavallo cheese, the caciotta cheese, the cacio ricotta cheese, the ricotta forte cheese and pecorino cheese, ready to be tasted on your tables.
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